Key to Course and Site Listings

Example: Course number RD500M.1
Department Number Content Location/Site
RD 500 M .1
i.e. Radiology Block Courses
(i.e. month long):
500-699, 900-999

Longitudinal Courses 700-799
M--Course content includes study and care of patients. Open to enrolled medical students only. Code number of site. See List below

Key to Course Credits and Credit Type

Example: 4 Credits C
Number of Credits Credit Categories
4 C

Credit Categories
B Basic Science
C Clinical Core
CE Clinical Elective
P Pathophysiology
NCE Non-Clinical Elective
SBQS Social, Behavioral and Quant. Sciences

Key to Course Location/Site List

# Abrev. Location
0 HMS Harvard Medical School
1 BIDMC-East BI-Deaconess Med Ctr-East
2 BCH Boston City Hospital
3 MGH Mass. General Hospital
5 BIDMC BI-Deaconess Medical Center
6 CAM The Cambridge Hospital
7 CHMC Children's Hosp Medical Center
8 MEEI Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary
9 MMHC Mass. Mental Health Center
10 McLH McLean Hospital
11 MtAH Mount Auburn Hospital
12 BIDMC-West BI-Deaconess Med Ctr-West
14 BVHS-WR Roxbury Vet. Admin. Med. Center
15 UHS University Health Service
18 SWRL Shields Warren Radiation Lab
19 FAULK Faulkner Hospital
J MULTI Multi-site
20 BVHS-BR Brockton Vet. Admin Medical Ctr
21 DFCI Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
23 BWH Brigham and Women's Hospital
24 HVMA Harvard Vanguard Medical Assoc.
26 LAH Lahey Clinic
27 SRH Spaulding Rehab. Hosp.
28 LHRRB Laboratory of Human Reproduction and Biology
29 EMER Emerson Hospital
40 Other U.S. Institutions
41 Institution outside of the US
51 HSPH Harvard School of Public Health
52 HU Other Harvard Faculties
70 MIT Mass. Institute of Technology
76 NERPC New England Regional Primate Research Center
HRCA Hebrew Rehab. Ctr. for Aged
SBI Shriners Burns Institute
VAR Various sites -Neighborhood Clinics