Advanced Clinical Electives

Prerequisites: Core Clerkship in Psychiatry
Offered: Full time every month
Location: BIDMC - BI-Deaconess Medical Center (5)
Description: This one-month elective will offer students a comprehensive clinical and research experience in digital mental health. The rotation is open to all interested students and especially designed for those interested in a career in psychiatry or primary care. The rotation will consist of a combination of outpatient experience in our ‘digital clinic’ to gain hands on experiences with telepsychiatry and using apps in care settings, research to learn about new developments in the field, and policy briefings to understand the rapidly changing legal, payment, and practice guidelines. Student wills also spend time in community mental health centers teaching health literacy skills to patients with serious mental illness and understanding health equity issues related to digital care. Students will partake in evaluation of mental health apps and develop skills recommending digital mental health tools to patients Learning activities will include weekly didactics, multi-disciplinary conferences with local and international partners, and hands on clinical experiences. The course director will orient the students on the first day of the elective, and check in at least weekly. Weekly reading or key papers in the field will be assigned for group discussion. At the end of the rotation, it is expected that the student present on a topic of their choosing during to the department.