Human Genetics

Credits: 0.00 CREDITS (Required)
Sites: HMS
Directors: Altshuler, David Matthew; Hirschhorn, Joel Naom
Prerequisites: Year 1 standing. Biochemistry, or equivalent
Offered: Fall
Time: 11/28/2011- 12/16/2011
Location: See
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
This course will focus on fundamental aspects of human genetics. Both classical and modern genetic principles and methods will be covered, with a strong emphasis on applications to human biology and medicine. Topics covered will include fundamental principles of genetics, genomics, and genetic variation, patterns of inheritance of monogenic, polygenic and chromosomal disorders, cytogenetic and molecular methods, approaches to finding diseases susceptibility genes, therapy of genetic diseases, pharmacogenetics, population genetics, and societal implications, including interaction with concepts of ethnicity. Clinical examples are used throughout to expand on these topics. The course aims to provide a strong foundation in human genetics, which influences all of medicine, and will be an increasingly important part of the practice of medicine in the future.
Written examination and classroom perfomance.
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