Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of Health

Credits: 2.00 CREDITS (Required)
Sites: HMS
Directors: Case, Patricia Leigh; Miller, Elizabeth
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
This seminar examines broadly the construction of gender and sexuality in relation to health care inequalities, distribution of disease, illness experiences and health policy. The course will draw on readings from the history of medicine, feminist anthropology, gay/lesbian studies, epidemiology and health policy. Particular attention will be paid to the ways in which race/ethnicity, social class and poverty intersect with gender differences in health. Specific areas to be discussed include the history of women's health and homosexuality in the discourses of madness, domestic violence, eating disorders, HIV/AIDS in the US and abroad, politics of reproduction and reproductive technologies, and other related topics. Students are strongly encouraged to also enroll in Human Sexuality, ME735.0.
Participation in seminar discussions, and research paper or project.
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