Sub Internship in Obstetrics

Credits: 4.00 CREDITS (Clinical Elective)
Sites: BIDMC
Directors: Golen, Toni H.
Prerequisites: HMS Principal Clinical Experience (Core Clinical Clerkships) or equivalent
Offered: Full time every month.
Open to Exclerks: US/Canadian
The student will participate as an acting intern on the Obstetrical Service. He/she will admit patients on Labor and Delivery, assess status, perform pelvic examinations, perform initial screening ultrasound examinations, go to high risk clinic, fully participate and perform deliveries of uncomplicated patients under supervision, and participate in all rounds and conferences of the service. Selected interesting high risk patients will be offered as well. The subintern will also participate actively in any surgical procedures on his/her patients. Private, as well as clinic patients, will be available for care. The subintern will be on night shift two times per week with rotating schedule as to fit the needs of the service. The subintern will be responsible directly to the chief resident on Labor and Delivery and ultimately to the attending physician for each patient treated.
Learning Goals:
To enhance mastery of basic obstetrical knowledge and practice by engaging in direct patient care
To learn the basic management of commonly encountered high risk obstetrical cases
Incorporation of Basic Science Content and Evidence-Based Medicine:
a) The student will be required to demonstrate understanding of the basics in maternal and fetal physiology during pregnancy and labor. Futhermore, the student will be required to learn the basic principles of genetics as it pertains to the practice of modern obstetrics.
b) The students will be exposed to an evidence-based approach to management of labor and delivery, antenatal testing and antepartum management.
L&D Rounds
Presentation of the Perinatal Conference
Admission note on L&D
Feedback from residents and attending physicians on Labor and Delivery
Direct supervision by Dr. Golen during weekly sessions
HMS evaluation form is incorporated in grading process
Grade Criteria:
High Honors:
Requirement for honors plus an additional report or participation in a research project
Must demonstrate superior command of both basic and working obstetrical knowledge. In addition, must show a superior competency in basic clinical skills.
Demonstration of understanding and adequate skill in knowledge in obstetrics
Unable to perform at the level that is expected of a subintern.
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