Medicine and Literature

Director(s): Jon Boyd, Nancy Rappaport
Prerequisites: Students should have completed Essentials 2 prior to enrolling in the course and completed the PCE.
Location: HMS - Harvard Medical School (0)
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
Description: This course will use close reading of classic literature to explore questions of mortality, ethics, and compassion that arise in the practice of medicine. We will consider how we preserve our compassion and care for dying patients in the face of our own mortality, the arbitrariness of sickness and health, and other ethical and existential issues that arise in our daily practice of medicine. Readings will include fiction and nonfiction by William Carlos Williams, Anton Chekhov, Peter Shaffer, Leo Tolstoy, Mary Shelly, John Updike, and others.
Grade Criteria:
Satisfactory: Passable essays and class participation
Unsatisfactory: Fails to hand in assignments or come to class