Advanced Medical Spanish

Director(s): Alejandro Diaz, Rose Molina
Offered: Fall 2019: 9/3/2019 - 12/10/2019. Tues, 4:00pm - 5:30pm.
Spring 2020: 1/28/2020 - 5/12/2020 Tues, 4:30pm - 6:00pm.
Location: HMS - Harvard Medical School (0)
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
Description: The Advanced Medical Spanish course is designed for medical students with advanced Spanish fluency who are interested in acquiring proficiency in medical Spanish. The goal is to equip the students with the medical vocabulary and conversational skills necessary to communicate with a Spanish-speaking patient, conduct a medical interview in Spanish and learn how to effectively work with a medical interpreter. Students can take one semester or both semesters of this course. The Fall course will have a particular focus on taking a medical history. The Spring course will build on the medical history foundation and introduce a range of medical specialty assessments (such as pediatrics, mental health, oral health, nutrition). This course requires active participation in coursework, simulation sessions, opportunities to shadow Spanish-speaking faculty as well as clinical experiences at the Harvard-affiliated hospitals and community health centers. Pertinent socio-cultural issues will be included in the simulation sessions and discussed in the didactic sessions. This course will be conducted exclusively in Spanish. Course Features: 1. Interactive didactic sessions, with a focus on conversational skills 2. Vocabulary lists and quizzes 3. Opportunities to shadow Spanish-speaking physicians and interpreters at various Harvard-affiliated sites 4. End of course OSCE as an opportunity to practice what students learned during the course.
Incorporation of Basic Science Content and Evidence-Based Medicine:
Basic science terminology will be reviewed when a respective disease is discussed. Pathogenesis of some diseases will be mentioned.
Grade Criteria:
Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory