Introduction to Global Medicine: Bioscience, Technologies, Disparities, Strategies

Credits: 3 CREDITS (Required)
Director(s): Michael Fischer, Mary-Jo Good, Erica James
Prerequisites: Non HST students neeed permission of the course director
Offered: SPRING
Location: HMS - Harvard Medical School (0)
Open to Exclerks: No (HMS only)
Description: This course is an exploration of basic themes in social medicine via a specific examination of issues in global medicine. The course takes as its challenge to understand new paradigms for global health that focus on providing complex medical services to treat complex health conditions (e.g. multi-drug resistant TB, HIV/AIDS, and mental health problems) in low resource settings. Special attention will be given to the development of new technologies or adapting existing technologies in ways that enable new solutions to global health problems, as well as overcoming barriers to translation of medical technologies for use in settings of great need. The course will address classic themes of social inequalities and health disparities, as well as such issues as patenting and the development and delivery of pharmaceuticals or other biotechnologies in international context. The course will include presentations by Harvard faculty involved in global health, basic or clinical research with a global reach, or medical humanitarian activities, as well as class discussion. Cross listed w/HST.930 at MIT